dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Missed You Guys~!!!

I had some busy weeks and it's pretty hard to catch up with blogging when you once start to neglect it :c
So I want to give you a short (well pretty long but it will be somewhat less detailed) summary of what I was doing the past few weeks.

Since I moved I became more energetic and I feel much better lately. I was really nervous for my oral exams and it kind of broke me down. On top of that 2 weeks before that we even had a trip to Budapest with school. Schooltrips always give me lots of stress and I don't get along really well with most of the kids, in my eyes they are pretty annoying. But the city was totally amazing, I will give a more detailed report about it later with pictures since I made a lot ^o^
The week after it I had to prepare for my orals and it failed, since I had too much stress I asked my teachers if I could skip the presentation part since I've never given a good presentation and always started laughing or crying like crazy. But yeah my teachers never listen when I tell them something is way over my limit and then they just forcefully push me to do it which always goes wrong. Which was pitiful since we have a special education system which allows me to drop out of finals. My first exam was English and the person who was talking to me couldn't even speak english well and I didn't dare to say it so I couldn't even hear his questions about the books well so I just said I didn't understand. My Dutch was a disaster as expected the presentation went completely wrong and i just sat there crying till they moved to another part.

I nearly passed my Dutch which made me completely frustrated, but on the other hand I scored a 6.4 for English which was beyond my expectation since I got so many of the questions wrong. At first I was a bit mad at myself for failing Dutch and scoring so low on my best subject. But I got a white rose XD that's always nice right :p

After that my vacation began and I planned a lot of activities. I did a lot of cleaning and grocery shopping. I haven't cleaned my room since I moved here which was like a month ago. It took me the whole afternoon to clean everything and when I was done I dropped a box of cookies on the floor >__< just my luck :/

I bought some new items at H&M a few days ago and I am still looking for summer shoes. Although I probably won't find them anymore. But I bought 2 dresses and one shirt. But always forget to take pictures and stuff.

That was it for today ^o^

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