zondag 9 juni 2013

Temporarily Moved

Hey sweeties~

Last week was busy as hell again. I kind of moved to this place where you can learn more about how to organize your stuff before really moving out, just a temporary place where there are a lot of people that help you. I don't know any exact terms or something. First I hated the idea of going since I still think parents who once decided to have children should stick to that decisions till the very end and not halfway give up on them just because they suddenly go to their second puberty or in fact never got out of it. I know that in everyone's life there will be a phase where one will leave their parents home and start their own life. But it's just a pity that I was practically forced to since the people I was living with just couldn't act normal. But people here are actually very friendly and nice. And they don't make a lot of noise which is great.

I can make outfit posts soon again, I have a great mirror now which is full length :p and my batteries kind of died. I think it's great that I can do my own grocery shopping now. And I actually like doing house chores, call me crazy but I think it's pretty relaxing. This weekend I felt really ill but I feel a bit better right now.

I have been watching a lot of B1A4's Hello Baby and I totally love it. It made me feel better right away. The neighborhood is really amazing, it's nearby the malls and the centrum. It's also great for walks and taking pictures.

Talk to y'all later

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