donderdag 30 mei 2013

Survived it and won exhaustion~

I finished the written part of my finals now and in 2 months I still have the verbal part. I am totally exhausted but still alive XD so that's why I didn't post much. I didn't sleep very good either, which had to be essential but I just couldn't. My exhaustion was so bad I almost fell asleep when I had my last (english) exam. But it was so freaking easy we had to write an informal letter and we got text from like 3 paragraphs, are you kidding me? This week I already 'took a few days of' aka I just couldn't leave my bed since even lifting my hand was the most impossible task. I still feel freaking tired but already decided to go to school tomorrow. The thing I hate most about staying home is not wearing pretty clothes *such a materialist ain't I?*

But well can't really think of intresting thing that happened last weeks and don't wanna bore you all with how I slept (which I clearly didn't do much either) This Monday I will actually be moving to some kind of house where I will learn about living on my own and all. It is giving me really much stress and didn't even want to write about it since I would have to think about it then *aargh*. Maybe more on that later though. There is so much on my mind and didn't even had the energy to finish my sewing projects and hope everything will turn out moving etc.


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