vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Queensday And Shizzle

Hey there~
I know this post was scheduled a while ago since it already passed but well here it is.
I had a very Mori Queensday actually XD

My plans were kind of cancelled since I had a fight with my little sister. But my mom promised me she would go and do fun stuff with me (even tho we always fight too) and then the next day she suddenly announced I must be crazy because she never said that and couldn't even remember it since she had other plans apparently. She was meeting a friend that afternoon and we decided to go to the mall with us 3. There was a second-hand-market kind of. I didn't expect to find stuff just wanted to go away from home and such. But I found such pretty items *gasp*

A compact camera that was only 50 cents

A polaroid for 4€

The most adorable corset thingy perfect for mori kei imo

Afterwards we still had a drink~

This was my first time wearing the vest and I really like it but never had a chance to wear it since I always wear my cardigan over it and won't be noticeable anyway then. It was hard showing the back XD

After that I still spend one day laying in bed, another one cleaning my room and such. And today I did some sewing. I have so much creativity flowing through me somehow and I can't wait to actually make my ideas and show them to you guys <3


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