dinsdag 30 april 2013

Yesterday, late post ^^

Sorry for neglecting you guys for a few days again D:
Been busy with all kinds of stuff and didn't have the energy left for blogposts. Yesterday I had a fun day and went out with my twinsister.

I wanted to have a trip to the mall a while ago which I told you guys about. But well after all I couldn't go because of my foolishness. And I went yesterday with my twinsister since I hadn't meet her in a while. We first visited our favorite jewelry store and then we had lunch. I promised her a while ago that I would buy her some choco pie I had there before, and we got some bread with it. She treated me to some hot choco and we had a very big meal.

We still looked for clothes for a while even though we wouldn't able to afford it anyway. Finally we still visited our favorite bookshop, which sells second hand books too. She bought a book which I don't know. I even bought two books, one by Bram Stoker and an informative book about astrology which I was looking for. I got some b-day money from my grandmother so better spend it right away XD
On my way back I saw the most beautiful flowers and I had to take tons of pictures of it which made me miss my train, but it was totally worth it.

Tommorow I'll write about today since I don't have much time and such i'm sorry :p but got late home and such. But tell you the details about that~


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