maandag 13 mei 2013

End of school and my life D:

This vacation I haven't been posting as much as I planned too. I felt really bad with the final stress and such/ I had huge stomach aches and felt very depressed. I am so freaking scared of failing even though I can still do it again next year since I have to do the rest of my other subjects too then. I had my first test today, but something got wrong and my teachers told me I had some reading stuff but turned out I have that tomorrow and made this totally bad since I couldn't really focus well on it. But well now I know that for tomorrow, and on top of my bad luck today I also forgot all my books so after I finished I couldn't really be very productive.

But after school my aunt visited with her kids and my twinsister also came home (which we already promised) so I especially bought some sweets (or not exactly but don't know what to call it XD) We just love eating. It was fun and I felt a bit better. And I even got new shoes now. There was a sale at our local shoe-shop and the shoes I've been eyeing forever were on discount too. Although they didn't have any natural colors in my size anymore, so I had to choose between a size too small or a bright cold color. So now I have blue ones, but maybe they would even go very well with my wardrobe. They are just a bit more suited for gyaru than mori kei now, but I like them so much.

Lol I won't even try and promise whatever I'm still going to upload you'll see it yourself. No JK I will still upload my outfit from today because it's something I made myself and it is finally finished after a year.


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