zondag 21 juli 2013


Lately a lot has happened. I finally get to do stuff which would be great for blogposts actually but they exhaust me too much to find the motivation to blog about it.
People here nag a lot about me 'doing nothing all day' so I had to find a schedule which is actually making a portfolio for when I want to do a Fashion & Design study when I graduate. But I'm already busy enough and there is more pressure now which doesn't help very much.

A lot has been going wrong lately, been making a lot of stupid mistakes. Earlier this week I was over at my boyfriend's place and then I left my key there. So I had to wait for others to open the door for me which was very awkward. But luckily he had some time to bring over my key later that night, for which he had to cycle 2 hours. So after that I felt very guilty of course and treated him a milkshake and I really wanted one too (good excuse right) But because we stopped by at my old place I got to see my dog and she is still such a cutie.

I have really much negative energy around me but they said Jay Park is coming to my country. But still a little bit skeptical since they cancelled the last concert too. And I don't want to be disappointed like that again.


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