maandag 29 juli 2013

Museum & Shopping

Saturday I had a really great day with my twinsister!! I got a lot of stress the day before but everything turned out pretty well. There was a lot of trouble with travelling and then we had to take the bus because the trains weren't riding in around the city we wanted to visit the Primark. I bought such a lot, everything was so cheap and I liked the current collection. My total was 160€ but I'm a rich bitch now so that's okay. I really needed summer clothes because my mori-wardrobe doesn't really allow me to buy summery clothes. But it's a bit too warm for sweaters now.

After that we went to The Van Gogh Museum and his paintings were absolutely wonderful. The queue was a bit less, we had to wait for an hour! I enjoyed being there even though my body wasn't really working the way I wanted it too XD so we had to stop several times to rest. We also visited American Bookcentre since we were already in Amsterdam. My sister always wanted to go there since she saw pictures and thought it was a beautiful shop. I have already been there twice so it was less fun for me. Afterwards we ofcourse ate fries and milkshake, which I love.

This morning I went up very early to get a ticket for Jay Park <3 and I got a golden row ticket which means I will be able to see Oppa very good. I really can't wait and I'm excited as hell of course.


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