dinsdag 26 februari 2013

Real Life Drama

Hey guys~
Today I feel depressed again. There was a huge conflict at school again and then I found out one of my friends really deceived me. I just have too many thoughts right now but still want to force myself to write and stuff and see if it will help me. I really wanna go shop for new books and clothes it always makes me feel a lot better but still have to wait a month or so on my moneyz.

While I'm writing this I was talking to a friend of mine (who I can hopefully trust) and she says she and other people will take care of the matter between me and that ******. She even asked me if we could hang out together sometime. I'm thinking about making kimbap again tomorrow since my friends like it so much. I also wanna try and make Ju Mok Bap (Rice Balls) Japchae (Noodles) and Gye Ran Mal E (Egg Roll). But don't know how much appetite I will have tomorrow since I don't wanna eat anything when I'm all stressed out and such.

For the 100000th time plz don't pay attention to the mess and such XD
Feels like if this tee had a print or a scarf it would've been better balanced :/
But I thought it looked pretty cool when I just tried combining these colors.
This is my new cardigan btw, the one I bought recently.


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