zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Too busy I guess

This week I actually tried to make plans with some guy to go ice-skating. I actually wanted it really badly since the water is frozen and I have free tickets to the ice rink. However I totally have no energy lately. But it didn't matter anyway in the end since he apparently already had an appointment that day.

Other than that, I've been completely busy with school. That costs a lot of energy too. I'm even forced to go along with school camp to Budapest in Hungary. I like the city and Iris is even filmed there, a drama which I really liked. I just don't like the kids who are in the same grade as me, and school camp's were a bit of a bad experience every year.  But there's a slight chance there won't even be money and I can't pay for the trip. Either way I wouldn't mind the outcome of it I think. It doesn't matter much to me whether I'm surrounded by screaming kids or my annoying family. But I would definitely miss my internet (yes I'm very addicted). But well, I will just hope T.O.P. and Doojoon Oppa left some of their sexyness there in case I'll go.

Last night I was really tired. I even got to bed earlier than I did on weekdays, which is very bad since I slept at 12 o'clock. So it's not very surprising I was that tired. I notice my fingers are feeling a little bit tingly, a sign I've spend to many hours browsing on my laptop today. Watched a lot of drama's too. Wanted to finish a lot of series to decrease my 'currently watching' list a bit. I was watching over 20 drama's. And then it's very hard to concentrate on the ones you like a little bit less. But well enough about drama's maybe I should stop moving my fingers and give them a little bit of rest.
Sorry for the shortness of this blogpost ^^


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