zondag 31 januari 2016

Adventure's Of This Week

This week was fun overall Monday I went on a bike ride to get out of my house. I visited 4(!!) thrift shops, a fabric shop, the dollar store and a bio-grocery store. I went to get a special kind of black tea I've run out of and normally i really can't handle that much caffeine but when I've slept bad its a perfect boost in the morning. Sadly enough they didn't sell it anymore or not at the moment :c I ended up seeing a lot of things at the thrift stores that caught my eye but when i tried them on they just weren't right sadly enough. I ended up finding a black cardigan with lace that i saw earlier but didn't bought back then and I ended up regretting it but I guess luck was on my side this time :D it is a few sizes bigger than me and now it doesn't look very good but once I alter it it will be fine ^^

Wednesday they showed my all-time favorite movie 'Labyrinth' at the cinema I have a subscription to because David Bowie passed away. Sadly enough I totally got the time wrong because i was so absent-minded and i had to rush to the station because it was only in the bigger cities. Luckily I went with my twin-sister and we were only 5 minutes late or so. I loved watching it on the big screen it was so amazing and magical and a dream come true.

Saturday I didn't want to be stuck in the house all day so I went out with the intention of buying a few necessities and get a (fake) hamburger at my favorite place in the city. I ended up finding my twin at the market instead and i went grocery shopping with her and eating pizza at her house which was also really good. I spend the rest of my week resting/reading and sewing mostly.

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