zondag 24 januari 2016

Casual Weekend

Since my day-to-day life has been super hectic with quite some unfavorable occasions I tried to slow it down a bit this weekend. I spend my Saturday in town getting some pattern paper for my sewing so I could finish my pj pants and trace it so i have the paper version around in case i want to use it in the future. I went to a new bookshop that's (i think?) linked to the bookstore next to it but in comparison also has used/damaged books and is somewhat cheaper. I still find that most bookstores in my town don't have a great variety of English books just a lot of translated stuff which is a pity since i have to order it online instead (I don't like the idea of being locked down in my house waiting for my package even though i'm like always at home) I ended up being just one book called 'The Mind Game' by Hector Macdonald it sounded very dystopian and screwed up (which i adore in books) reviews are a bit mixed I found out afterwards but I will found out for myself since it was only 5 euro and still in very good condition. Today was just really lazy and I got around to folding my laundry (finally!!) and cleaning a bit while listening to Avril Lavigne (childhood sentiment much) and taking some care of myself. I'm currently brewing a tea that has orange, papaya, melon and aloe vera which sounds really interesting, my twinsister gave me a bag to try because she really recommended it so I'll see.
Saturday I wore a sweater with I <3 Paris bought well you guess where and lots of layers underneath to keep me warm from all these freezing temperatures!! I made the skirt myself and it has a mushroom pattern on it which I totally fell in love with~ Today i have just been wearing my Pj's all day around the house. Xxx

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