maandag 24 december 2012

Back from my one month hiatus~!!!

Hey everyone~

I'm finally back after my last post at the end of November. It's been such a long time. There has been a lot happening recently and I was feeling so bad I didn't even think about updating. So I'll tell you about all the bad and good things that happened last month so if you're interested read the post :p

To start off with the negative stuff I'll tell you shortly about these things first. Writing really helps me with finding a little peace in my mind but unfortunately I can't do it  when I am feeling too depressed. Recently a lot of bad stuff happened with me and my friends. I have always been bothered by my fatigue and I hardly do things that require getting out of bed except for school. Also last week a classmate committed suicide which made me feel completely broken. After that I lost 5 pound after eating nothing for a few days (which made me totally sick) And now I've been suffering from underweight even more. I am not a very big eater and when I encounter some kind of stress it results in me skipping meals and eating too less. I never get when girls deliberately try to starve theirself to look skinny. But on the bright side of this, I can eat a lot of chocolate and sweets to gain weight again.

However there were some good things that lightened my mood up a little bit. For example, I went shopping as I described in my last post. I bought 2 new sweaters. A brown one with sparkles and one with a panda and also a cute T-Shirt. I still want to upload pictures of stuff I bought and my outfits and such but I'm always to lazy to actually upload and my batteries are always dead when I want to take a picture. I also went to a Christmas Market in Oberhausen. I have to say it was very disappointing. I didn't have that much shopping money left and was a bit annoyed by my sister who couldn't stop talking about these expensive brands they sold there. I wasn't feeling that well either so it was a really hard day for me. I was also very excited for the concert tour of the K-Pop group A-Prince that would be coming to the Netherlands. I am so much in love with them. And I was so happy that I even got sick of excitement. However, they may cancel it due to selling too less tickets. And I am completely devastated after hearing that. I am completely in love with these boys, they aren't that popular since they only debuted one month ago. But I still have to see what they want to do and hope for the best.
I am also planning to cut my hair next year. I've been thinking about donating it for a very long time now. I think it's just the worst for a girl to be bald due to cancer or other sicknesses. And since re-blogging or liking pictures on Facebook and other sites won't help much I choose this option :p a lot of people are telling me not to do it because they like my hair long. But I definitely won't listen to them ^^ I have been thinking about getting the same hairstyle as Hyosung from Secret. It's just very simple, short hair with bangs. But it looks so gorgeous on her.

This was my comeback post for today ^^
I think I should make a short list of ideas of posts and if they're intresting enough I'll publish it to make you excited~!!!!

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