vrijdag 28 december 2012

Planned items

-List with refreshing drama's
The drama cliches can get a little annoying sometimes,
but luckily there are still some refreshing dramas.
-New clothing items
I bought some new clothing pieces ^^
-Mori Girl drama characters
-Mori Kei essentials
-Mori Rooms
I want to search for some inspiration because I'll move out soon.
And help other Mori Girls who want to morify their room XD
-My developped pictures
Got my lomography pictures back and never think of uploading them :p
-Good Mori Books
-My (clothing) wishlist
-Something related to Lomography
-More posts about other japanese styles 
made some on my other blog already
-History and facts about Mori Kei?
In fact I know nothing about the origin of this style o.O
My self-made clothes
I've always been too lazy to take pictures D:
- A list with famous Mori Girls?
I want to look up if there are other famous Mori Girls/ Designers

hmm I hope this is enough to rise up your expectations ^^
My laptop crashed yesterday and I am currently borrowing my sisters macbook.
And i am really annoyed with this keyboard so don't expect too much posts.
Eventually my dream is to make this a daily blog but not sure if that's gonna happen anytime soon :(

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