zaterdag 29 december 2012

Almost wasted a week of vacation

Hello my lovelies <3
I was beginning to notice my sleeping pattern was really messed up. Lately I have been going to bed at 5 am or even later and slept till dinnertime. Because of my lack of proper meals I lack energy too. Today I got up a little past 1 pm and saw the daylight since ages hihi. It's getting dark so soon now in wintertime. So I took a long shower to wake up, it's the first thing I do when I have a day off and I'll just stay home in Pj's or comfy clothes all day long.
After that I just tried to relax since I had a fight with my mother again about my irritations towards her and my impatience to move out. I was already scheduled to move out somewhere this year but something went terribly wrong and I can't take it much longer.  After that I was pretty much stressed out and even found out I gained TWO freaking pounds. I know I have to gain weight and stuff but it was just a wrong timing and makes me a bit insecure about myself :(

Other (Mori) Girls NEVER follow my lead and just be happy and confident <3

I just went upstairs and isolated myself in my attic room once again, and yes that sounds lonely as hell but it's quiet there. I painted my toenails this lovely bright blue color. It was a present I got from some kind of Dutch Christmas celebration given by my little sister. Oh and besides that I still haven't told about the GREAT Xmas presents I received this year (including this kind of Dutch kind of xmas) My mother already promised to give me some extra money since I still needed to give my grandpa the money of his camera + flash. And on top of that she even got me my favorite manga. It's the Boys over Flowers part 17 and I absolutely adore this series I LOVE all the live-actions I'm such an addict. So I'll probably spend a lot of time giggling and obsessing about the amazingness off this book. I even found out that they don't sell it at the site I always purchase manga's that are not available in our comic store. But thinking about manga's I saw a pockets or bundles whatever you call them of the hana kimi series at my previous convention and didn't ask how much they were. I kind of regret not buying or not even asking what the price was *stupid me* but well hopefully I'll find them once again and have enough money at that time. I have the feeling I forgot to name one of my xmas presents *bad forgetful girl* but well I also got the most amazing Christmas card ever!!! It was a special created card from the person I'm in a (sadly enough fake) marriage with. I absolutely love her. It was a big A4 format card of a picture from Onew (SHINee) with a Santa hat.

Oh yeah lol I was telling about my afternoon :p
I wanted to finish some sewing projects but actually didn't even feel like carrying that big heavy sewing machine around. Lazy as hell don't blame me. So I stayed in bed again and watched some drama's. I've been so productive lately *cough cough* I already finished 4 whole drama's this vacation. I marathoned  Mr. Brain and Densha Otoko and watched the last episodes of Iris and My Girl since I started watching that a long time ago. I have the feeling I will still finish 5 or more before this vacation ends. I'm watching like 13 drama's currently. But I was really tired and didn't even eat a single thing so I fell asleep at 10 pm and woke up an hour later. But I think I really have to get to bed and not get my sleeping habits messed up again. Lol :p

Talk to you guys later <3

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