donderdag 29 november 2012

Patiently Waiting

Hey everyone~
My mood and condition have gotten a bit better. I'm still tired after doing the slightest movement, but today I magically happened to make a test that I should have token 5 weeks (or even more) ago. Due to a special kind of schooling I can take my time and adjust my schedule. Even after 2 hours I still hadn't filled in some of the questions but my teacher said we had to finish it some other time. After 11 weeks of school I finally took my first test :o It was still a very stressful day even though I did nothing else.

When I came home my new camera (yes I bought a new camera AGAIN) arrived after I waited three days, I expected it to arrive tomorrow due to the info on the tracking site ^^ I bought a La Sardina Copernicus~ It was already on my wishlist and there was a 10% off sale (which gave me 10 euro's discount, yaay) First I thought it didn't even have a lens cap but turned out it fell on the ground while opening the package, which I did very carefully believe it or not. After trying to understand and befriend my new comrade I came up with some kind of idea to review lomo camera's ^^ so expect some post on that :p It is sooo cute that it opens just like a tin of sardines. The description was a bit difficult to understand though and I wasn't immediately fond of the camera, but I think I still have to get used to it since I haven't started shooting yet. I am planning to take it with me with the Christmas Market in Oberhausen ^^

I did some test-shots with my supersampler and hope I can get some nice results. I'm still waiting for the photos of my Pentax Spotmatic to be developped. And tomorrow I'll be shopping for some new clothes and defo take some camera's with me~!!!


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