zaterdag 24 november 2012

Boredom and Fatigue

Heey everyone~

I hardly go out these days and so I don't have much to blog about, I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates therefore :( I am currently writing this while watching 'The Kind of Drama's' blogging is much more fun that way. I get irritated and abstracted when I am watching a drama that's not that suspenseful for a longer time. So mostly I'm just browsing tabs or playing with my cellphone >__<

But last Thursday I decided I wanted to some productive things and such. So my mom and I went out to the malls because I wanted to look for another multi-lens camera. I wanted the action sampler but they didn't have it in our local Lomography store. The shop-keeper said they could order it but wasn't too sure about the price. While we were on our way we also made a visit to the local farm. I haven't been there in ages, I always came there when I was little, Nostalgia~ It was already pretty dark and the sun was setting but I took my fisheye camera out anyways. The animals were pretty cute but some didn't even want to look at the camera :( I hope the photos aren't underexposed, I hate flashing animals,they NEVER like it and it was inside a building.

I also bought two sweaters, I've been needing new clothes as I found out most of my wardrobe consists of pink and is hard to combine. I saw a green sweater with a gradient effect and there was some kind of sale so you could get another sweater for 50% off so I picked up some other sweater but I think I'm gonna return it since it's a little bit too long to match it with skirts and is almost impossible to layer this way. But it had really cute colors.

And when I came home I was really happy~!!!!
I ordered some things from an international lomography shop. A while ago I suddenly got a text from my twinsister saying that the limited edition super-samplers designed by the Wonder Girls were refilled. I immediately got out of my bed (I was still sleeping as it was very early) and ordered one. There are only 400 from each kind I thought. I bought the orange one~ I am totally in love with Yubin, she is an amazing rapper and dancer <3 So I was so happy and wanted to share my happy story (a.k.a brag) to some of my friends, turns out there are K-Pop addicts that don't even know the Wonder Girls :o Huge shocker~
But anyways I'm looking very much forward to make pictures with it but I still need to load it with a film.

For Christmas my mother and sister wanted to go to one of those German Christmas markets/Weihnachtsmarkten and I am really excited to go there and photographing all the lights and hope there will be a bit of a beautiful atmosphere. We will be going to Dortmund, it won't be very long travelling she said. Also next Friday I have a day off of school and I am planning to shop some more.
Also you can prepare for a photo-post with cosplay photos of Nishicon 2012 I was there last weekend and made some photos of my friends but I had some trouble with uploading. More photo-posts will be up because I had my lomography photo's (fisheye and canon eos 300) developed and later this week I will get my Pentax Spotmatic photos back, I am very excited to see those~!!!!

I am also planning to do more outfit posts but I am always so tired after school and change into pj's right after I come back. Also I don't really have nice background and such but I'll just don't care about that >__<
Maybe I'll brainstorm a little bit about new post ideas to make this blog more lively and don't hesitate to ask me to write about certain things (comment plz :p)

Teaser of the lomography pictures~


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