maandag 10 maart 2014

Sunny Days

Yesterday I had a lot of fun in Amsterdam. My breakfast was going smooth(l)y since I have my blender now and with a single drink I already 'ate' a whole banana, kiwi and strawberry. I just wandered around the city for a pretty long time since I still plan on buying new heels again. Sadly enough my heart broke in a thousand pieces upon seeing the bookstore in ruins. I think their business is now finally over *sobs* Their books had a huge discount but sadly enough they were all shabby.

So I went to the zoo. Or well at least I tried. There was a fire that blocked the tram so we were stuck in there for half an hour. The driver said we could ride another so we left and went to that tram. But then he just rode away. When he saw us mad he still asked for understanding because he was also delayed. On top of that the tram we were originally in started to drive away too. We were so mad because of this miscommunication. Also since I don't live in Amsterdam and i'm a total leek when it comes to public transport I really didn't know what to do and was so incredibly lost. The moment I wanted to give up this lady from my tram approached me and asked for my destination so I answered. Turned out she had the exact same stop as me!! And she was a local, living in front of the zoo. So she led me the way to the tram we had to take and where we had to switch trams. Apparently she heared my 'dialect' and noticed I was from the north. I was so thankful for this random act of kindness.

I really enjoyed my time at the zoo too. The sun was shining so bright and I didn't really feel the need to walk around. So basically I just sat down on a few different places and enjoyed the sun and lovely weather. In the gardens some children were playing so happily it was so great to see them. Later it turned out most of them didn't even knew each other it was so heartwarming. I love the innocence and trust little children have, I miss it in a lot of adults nowadays. I still walked around for a bit when the sun started to set. I saw the most lovely korean family, one of their two children looked like baby IU and she was so adorable!! It is almost scaring me I could follow their conversations without even missing a single word.

Today was another day of school, it was 'warm' again. As in, it was 15 degrees but I get hot very easily so I still refused to wear any panty or legging and wore a knee-length skirt. I wasn't even cold except with biking back home. I didn't even feel great but I just kept smiling because I don't wanna give of any negative vibes again even though they already consider me an 'ice-queen' I still try to act kind with people who deserve it (since most just don't at this moment) I still have to go to bed on time (someday not today XD) but I keep on trying~


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