maandag 3 maart 2014

Plans Cancelled


School wasn't really amazing or anything. Just like always I was just fooling around waiting for it to be over. After school I wanted to do a lot of things to relax. But because I was way later on school than I planned to I also stayed longer. So when I was out it was already to late to do half of the things I planned to so i'm gonna do them tomorrow instead. I did some grocery shopping though. It was so hilarious, I was wearing my super huge heels and an older lady called me over to help her pick some peanuts from the upper shelf. I could barely grab it but it felt like such an accomplishment since i'm the one who is actually super short and always has to depend on others height. Such small things as this can even make me so happy ^^

When I got home I got more and more exhausted so I showered and was just relaxing in my bed (extra point for my ubercomfy mayday shirt which I was actually already wearing) Then I finally gave in to my exhaustion and lied down for a bit. Then I fell asleep much longer then I wanted to and woke up very late and nauseous. And I didn't even have a proper meal :c so just now I forced myself anyways to make some food. Since I would probably not be able to eat much I made some ramyun and used the veggies which would expire today to make a healthy lunch box for tomorrow. So once again i'm going to act boss with my rice and chopsticks at school and get weird reactions probably just like the previous time. I barely eat bread so I always eat unusual stuff at school mostly surprising most of my classmates. Walking on my new heels made me entirely happy though, even though it hurted a bit in the end but I'm not accustomed to wearing heels anymore so I hope it's because of that XD


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