zondag 2 maart 2014

A Completely New Person

Hey everyone~
You still remember me? Haha ^^

I went to a Mayday concert and it was so inspirational that when I came back it just felt like a was reborn. My whole mentality changed. And this is rather an understatement then exaggeration. I will write about that when i'm less tired I think because everyone really has to know about these amazing people.

Today I visited a friend. This is the first time I've been in the north of the Netherlands. We shopped such a lot and ate so much good food. I bought some super cheap shoes and a dress which was first 40 and now 5€ so that would be like 88% discount just too many to leave it there XD And I've been eyeing that dress since it was in the collection a while ago. My friend convinced me I absolutely had to take the shoes and I figured I deserved them even though I don't have loads of money and they were only 10€ Good shoes take you to good places right? Ill upload photos tomorrow. It was such a nice city and my friend was also soo cute. I had such a great time and my worries disappeared for a while.  (I stole her photos)

Ice cream = the best medicine for everything especially break ups <3

her sushi, 
I took some rice dish with chicken since I didn't eat meat in ages

her onion rings and my iced smoothie

Tomorrow I have school again, which I was kinda excited for since my teacher is like my fake mom and I love her a lot. She is always caring for me and giving me lots of love too after being abandoned by my parents. I probably wont be there for too long since im totally stressed and can leave whenever I had enough (one of the few good things of my school) but i'll survive ^^


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