donderdag 21 november 2013

Movie Night & Fashion Design

Hey guys~
I had such a few busy/sleepless days these week XD Wednesday the sequel of the Hungergames would be released and I made a promise with my twinsister that we would see it on the night of the premier. I didn’t expect it to be showed at midnight but we still went as hardcore fans. Our cinema organised some special Hunger Games Night, which meant they first showed the first one and then on midnight the second after it. I was originally going with only my twinsister but she told one of her former housemates that we would see it that night. She was excited as hell and asked if she could go with us. I knew her a little and she turned out to be really nice. Due to a miscommunication we were worried she couldn’t sit next to us because we ordered a chair on the other side of the room. But we switched some seats and she was able to sit beside us.
That morning I was absolutely tired ofcourse but it was totally worth it!! I thought the movie was amazing and just as great as the previous one. There were a lot of dissapointed people, but they didn’t even read the books so they didn’t know what to expect probably. As a big fan of the books I was still amazed and liked it a lot.
School was such a hell, nothing went well. I totally learned I should never ever think: ‘well it can’t get any worse now’. Because, yes it can.
In the afternoon I went to visit Ikea with my mother to shop some new furniture for my new apartment. Stupid me forgot her wallet so I still have to pay her back XD And I was extremely hungry and nauseous because I didn't even eat anything much. So asked her to buy me food( I totally felt like a 8-year old but that was kinda fun :p )After the lunch-stop we looked around for furniture I immediately saw something that was perfect as a housewarming gift for my twinsister (she got me some scented candles and I didn't even give her anything yet). And I saw such a cheap table it was only 30€. A while later I saw the most perfect chair to go with it. It had such a great mori-kei feel and I just couldn't stop screaming how gorgeous it was. There were even pretty pillows that you could put on top of it. I was soooo in love. I also bought a lot of organisers like boxes. The room is very small so it would definitely help if I can put a lot of my stuff under my bed. I still have to get my bookshelf. My mother is still going to come there again soon with my twinsister so she will bring it along then.
If all this isn’t enough stress, I also had an appointment for my new study. I decided to stop with High School and already start my study as a fashion designer. In the Netherlands you have different kind of study greeds (don’t know how this works in other countries tho) and I am now going to do something lower than I can do if I score well for my High School exams. But I am going on with studying till finish the highest greed (the one I was planning to do after my exams) So it’s another way but this way I don’t have to take my exams. And they said it would be easier to get into the school I wanted to go, since they have a lot of qualifications and it will probably be more stressful.
I will keep you guys updated about the moving and the study.

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