donderdag 14 november 2013

Continuing my previous post

This weekend was totally crazy. We went to the airport to welcome the Exo leaders for the AMA's that were held in the Netherlands this year. But it was such a disappointment due to Jessica's or Tifanny's accident (one of the SNSD member's) they didn't let us see them. We waited for like 24 hours if it wasn't more. We didn't even sleep and we were already broken before they even arrived. The people working at the airport had been lying to us for the whole weekend already and we were already sick and tired of all their excuses saying they would arrive with the next plane. But the took some exit we couldn't reach so nobody got to see them. And exotics are pretty dangerous I am never ever going to meet with them again. They are so aggressive. My friend even had to take medicine and see a doctor because of all the pushing people behind her did.

Today I went to some kind of book event. There was just a big hall full of books and you could just fill a cart and check your books out if you were done shopping. Just like a giant bookstore with very cheap books. All the English literature books were only 2€ instead of the usual 10€. And on top of that they weren't used, even though I love second-hand books more because of the smell (yes i'm weird like that) but considering that it is really close to free. I bought like 20 books already for 42.50€ and this Saturday I'm visiting again with a friend which is good since I still saw a lot of books I wanted to buy but I was afraid I couldn't carry that much home.

Lately I've been so chaotic, I've been losing everything. Even important things as keys are gone for a few hours. It is so bad I just want the moving to be over very quickly. It is so frustrating to live at two places at once since you can't keep a track of what is where. I hope to move at the end of the month since I'll be getting my furniture on the 20th. I am so excited and I will definitely upload photos when it's done.


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