zaterdag 16 november 2013

Great Weekend Already

Hey Guys~
Yesterday I've been to the town I grew up in. So nostalgic <3 it's such a cute city. I went there to pick up my developed pictures but what a shock!! They charged me 28€ for two films. They printed all my pictures and they won't even give me a CD I don't even know what this bullshit is but it's soo expensive ;__;
After my shopping (did such a lot of shopping this week really abnormal) I got to a cafe and bought myself some hot chocolate. So good to buy hot drinks in the winter and enjoy them while listening to good ballads. In one day I met a cousin and a girl I didn't see for like 5 years again. It was so good to be able to talk to them again.

Today travelling wasn't so relaxing. I still wanted to do a lot of stuff like going to the zoo, or even to the market to buy some cheap fruits and stuff. But the trains weren't even riding. It would take me hours to even get to Amsterdam and from there I would still have to take a metro. So I couldn't go to the zoo again this weekend. But I had to be in my hometown very early again So I just decided to give up and travel back to be on time. I met up with one of my best friends and my twinsister and her best friend (who's a guy) but he was like really sick and close to dying these past few weeks. So I was incredibly happy to see him ofcourse. I spent for 130€ on books ;___; but now I have probably all the English classics ever made. I still have to count the total of books. I had so much fun and I even traveled back with my friend so I could still chat some more with her on the train. On the way back I read the Hunchback of the Notre Dame. I didn't even have music with me (soo stupid) but it was very quiet so it didn't matter after all.

Tomorrow I have a special 'Running Man Meeting' as in the one of the korean variety show. It's gonna be so much fun and I'll keep you updated!!


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