woensdag 13 november 2013

Found A New Place

Hey Guys~
Lately I have been so busy with finding myself a new home. And I can now finally say I've got one!!
I just wanna fill you in about last weeks:

31 October:
Finally some of my messages on the site where you can search for apartments/rooms were replied. I got 3 replies in total which isn't really much. But considering I'm still a high school student and they don't want really want me in student appartments and stuff I was quite lucky. So I made an appointment with the room I was interested in the most. The owner was really nice and clear about everything. Everything was clean even though my 3 housemates would be guys.

1 November
I still made an appointment with the owner of the room I didn't really like but I still went to look around. It was a smaller room and it even had a slanted roof. He showed me another room, but it was the attic and there was a roof instead of walls and yes it was a slanted roof again. Like where the heck am I going to put my closets etc then? And he was acting a bit weird so I didn't feel really comfortable there. Even though the housemates were all female except for the landlord himself (which he didn't even mention in his ad) The owner of the other apartment called and we made an appointment for contract-signing.

2 November
I decided to postpone the signing and take a day off otherwise I would definitely have a break-down. So I went to the zoo and I didn't really feel very good so first I just sat down at the aquarium and read a book. I visited the planetarium too but it made me kind of dizzy but it was still fun. Later I felt better and wandered around to make pictures. It was soo pretty I definitely recommend going to the zoo in autumn. Especially Artis it has such a beautiful scenery and it autumn it's even prettier.

3 November
I slept a really long time but afterwards I went to some second-hand market. It was so big. You had the pay 4€ so I was kind of hesitant to go but it turned out to be worth it. I have 5 new analogue cameras now and they are so beautiful. Turned out I had less money in my pockets then I wanted to spend. Such beautiful camera's there!!! The contract-signing went well and I got my keys :D

5 November
Someone who is currently living with me helped me with moving the stuff that was still at my parent's house. It was such a lot. I kind of abandoned all of my furniture except for my bed. And all the rest of the stuff was in boxes. Turns out I really have a lot. So I spend a few days sorting it all out and 25% of the stuff or even more are things I don't want anymore. I have such a hard time throwing things away, Especially clothes.

Tomorrow a post about last weekend and this week~
Sorry for neglecting you guys again <3

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