maandag 18 november 2013

Running Man Meeting

Yesterday I had an amazing K-Pop meeting. I met such a lot of new people and one of my best friends came too. I was so excited to see her again after such a long while (well maybe just 2 months or so) We played some games like Running Man (Korean variety show) has. But we got a lot of nagging from security guards even though we were very careful not to disturb others. It spoiled the fun very much. Even when we were just sitting down in the mall we had to leave because we were apparently violating rules. And we couldn't even read those rules somewhere so they just made something up.

We had such a great time that even after the games we still did everything to be together even longer. We ate meals together and even visited Starbucks. And even though I have to be extremely careful with my money because of buying new things for my new home I couldn't resist buying some green tea.

The train was really quite on my way back, I was home a bit late and felt crappy with waking up. But I had an amazing time.


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