woensdag 5 maart 2014

So Productive aka Spring Cleaning


Yesterday was such a horror. I was busy the whole day, I did such a lot. I came home from school earlier than Monday and immediately started to clean (read: started forcing myself to clean) since it actually takes such a long time to get things done and make the first few moves. But I put H.O.T. on my speakers and finally begun. After a while I still had to quit for a little bit since I still had to buy a few things and I went shopping. It was also for my fun and to relax. Looking back now I realize I forgot two things I shoud've done :c but just another excuse to go again. I was looking around in H&M while I actually had to buy a pencil skirt to match my oversized band shirts with I searched for some kind of legging/pants that is comfy but still wearable under a larger shirt that still doesn't cover the butt entirely. Leggings are just too showy and i'm not comfortable with the way my butt looks in them. And I hate hate HATE pants. Like how can someone be able to wear them without going insane??? It's just a pity since lately i've been seeing a lot of nice pants which looked really cute. Nowadays i'm interested in those acid wash jeans. I tried on a legging but it didn't really look good combined with the shirt. But still have to go back for the pencil skirt XD

I also visited the library but it was just a shame they don't have as much good books as I expected to, so I probably won't subscribe there since my money is probably better spend just buying those few books I was still curious about. Also just quickly looked in the shoe shop even though I just went this Sunday. It's like my shoe addiction is coming up again. With pretty shoes on my feet I really feel more confident and all how stupid it may sound. 'Good shoes take you to good places' after all, can't repeat that enough.

After my shopping adventures I started cleaning again and I got such a lot done. It was such a bummer that my landlord send me a nagging text about how dirty my room was last time he visited. Even though I was like 'dude not your **** business since I pay rent, it belongs to me and I can do what I want' it still did kind of upset me. So even after I already decided to rest I still got into cleaning again because I was freaking insecure of it being clean enough and he said he would check if I had cleaned better this time. So when I got to bed it was like 2 AM? I was so freaking exhausted this morning.

Today wasn't really good since I practically watched drama's all day and didn't eat a lot (some brownie pudding and smoothie for breakfast, lettuce for lunch and shoarma for dinner) It's been such a long time since i've eaten meat. I also read some of Edgar Allen's poems and I totally liked them. Too bad my head isn't working that well and I ended up doing some research on some of them since I hesitated I understood it correctly. But I think the beautiful thing of poetry is that everyone can have it's own interpretation and there is not necessarily a definite meaning. I read the raven for instance and it's so meaningful and it expresses the emotions i'm dealing with atm exactly.


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