donderdag 6 maart 2014

Resolutions or something?

Today wasn't a very good day either. Actually today was way worse. I woke up pretty late after sleeping very weird with waking up a few times before I set my alarm and then I still slept longer than I planned to. I took part in PE class and it was actually very boring. We were playing baseball but I stood on purpose on a spot the ball would never even reach since I didn't wanna run or anything and it's not like I had the energy for it anyways. So I mostly just stood in the field joking a bit with my classmates even tho there were like 4 of us. I was actually so happy it was over even though I mostly enjoy the PE class on thursday's.

But something good happened my classmate said in PE class he would bring me chocolate and there is not even a ('good') reason behind it or anything. And it's very sweet since he is considered very 'antisocial' XD

What I'm going to do in order to be happier:
* Write more (daily)
* Not only/necessarily blogs but also trying poetry
* Read more stories/poems
* Get distracted
* Eat and live healthier
* Drink more tea
* Sleep better
* Paint maybe?
* Dress how I want
* Only care about those who matter
* Ignore hate
* Keep my room from being messy
* Take better care of myself


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