zaterdag 8 maart 2014



Today I had a lovely day, or well I at least tried to. I slept till late again, since it's apparently my daily routine. I've been planning on changing my sleeping habits so I can get up earlier but I fail miserably. I wanted to go to the art museum in Amsterdam and adore Van Gogh's paintings again. But I figured if there was a queue I would have had to rush and it wouldn't be relaxing anymore. It wouldn't even be a super good idea I reconsidered later since I'm already suffering from so many emotions and those paintings just damn...

But now I'm debt-free I can spend my money on useless good things again like shoes and books. I already wanted to visit the market again. So I just did. I started my morning with visiting Primark again. I saw such a lovely Peter Pan shirt but it wasn't in my size and I was so mad. I need this in my life :c so I will be checking next week if they restored it. Also I have a serious problem with my shoe addiction since I still think I need more heels. But they didnt have anything nice. I tried a pair on but the color wasn't really wow and they were 18€ so didn't buy them.

I found out I took the wrong train and it didn't arrive at the stop I wanted to go. So I decided since I'm already at Amsterdam central why not just get some frozen yogurt again. The guy who is working a lot on weekend smiled so cute at me and uugh he was just so cute just like he recognized me or something (I always order the exact same thing every weekend)

When I was on the train again to go to the correct stop again, a lady asked me if it was alright if she sat beside me. And when I left she thanked me, even though I think it is common knowledge not to block the chairs beside you (unlike all the other dutch people who don't understand this principle) and she also said great weekend and such. It made me soo happy. I had a great time shopping in this very cheap neighborhood and the market. I bought a maxi dress for 11€ and it wasn't even crappy quality like you would expect. And it has such a nice summery/spring feeling and it's so cute and perfect for mori-gyaru or mori kei i'm not sure. But I thought it suits me and I felt so great in it so I had to buy it.

With the fruits I bought on the market I made my first smoothie using my new blender today. I was inspired by the watermelon perfection tea on the yoyo menu even though I never had it. So I blended cooled green tea with a lot of watermelon and 2 strawberries and a tiny bit of sugar. At first it didn't had much taste so I was a bit disappointed in my blending skills XD but figuring it's like 50% water at least how much taste would you expect? But when I froze it a little bit the taste became so much better and I'm definitely going to make this so freaking much because it's like the best drink i've ever had and it's healthy and self-made. *spazzing*


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