vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Happy Mood

Hey everyone~!!!!

As I originally planned to blog often I simply can't because of tiredness and stress from school. And on top of that i'm getting sick again. I think it's because my lack of sleep, I stay up too late and when I finally go to bed I can't fall asleep. Lots of things are on my mind lately >__< So I just plan to drink lost of water and try to rest even though I have no faith in actually doing that.

But today I got some happy news~!!!! My grandpa brought a analogue canon D300 so I could borrow it for a little while. But now he decided I could buy it from him. It has a macro lens and I can also get his flash which has a pretty wide range (although I didn't test it yet because I need batteries for it :o) And he wanted to give this to me for a mere 50 euro :o I am sooo grateful with this offer. The film was still empty with an Kodak ISO 400.  This means it will take a bit longer to get my Canon 500 but this means I don't have to get an extra flash and I have an extra analogue camera.

Tomorrow I will go shopping for new winter clothes. I got lotz of moneyz again so I really want to buy something warm. It isn't even winter yet and I am already completely freezing to death. It's really annoying to be severely underweight (so never go there just to look 'pretty' or to please people around you) So I want to look around for some other not too thick but warm stuff that I can easily layer with my warmer knitted cardigans that I wear most of the time.

I also did a lot of work on school today but instead of feeling useful I felt rather depressed. Must be because of the tiredness. But it is good to see there are a lot of people that are very kind to me even though I feel quite ignored and neglected by them sometimes. And I have to get up soo early >__< I am totally looking forward to vacation.
I also have been doing a lot of sewing lately. The pity is that everything takes me twice as much energy for some strange reason. But I already finished a very pretty maxi skirt, it really has a princess feel to it but it doesn't really go well with the rest of my wardrobe :o

I really have to go to bed now I'll post pics later ^^
But this is one of my K-pop bracelets I totally adore and wear everyday <3


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