maandag 25 maart 2013


I'm still writing a quick blog post while listening to my new love, Camila. I'm still having these ups & downs. Today my teacher offered to help me with an assignment I have a lot of trouble with. And everytime she tries to help me we get into a fight and then everything's bad again. But I told her I rather wanted my other teacher to help me and she apparently didn't really get why the heck that was. I was very annoyed by a lot of people again. On the facebook page of a person that annoys me a lot I saw he went to a party and how much he liked it. And of course he had to talk about it to everyone... Okay nice and stuff that you've been to a great party and have a social life like none of us do apparently~!!! I really have a lot more respect for you and this was totally not sarcastic ;) He just always keeps on talking and talking and talking.... And I even made a few remarks to show him how 'intrested' we all were. But well he didn't even take the clue. All his talk totally sickens me D:
After that it got even worse, they started talking about some party for which I was apparently not invited. And hopefully this 'friend' has a (good) reason for not inviting me since I consider her as my bestie. But I still think it is pretty rude if you have plans with a certain group of friends except for one person and then talk about it with each other when that person can clearly hear everything. So I was pretty mad at them, and I still am. But I consider her as my little kid sister after all, and she participated in our PE class. I actually didn't really wanna face her since I was mad. But after a while I just tried to act normal and all.
And now I really have to stop otherwise I'll be late for bed again :c

I made the skirt yesterday.
The second picture was only for fitting purposes, but it looks so much better in the 2nd

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