zondag 3 maart 2013

Bad Again

Since some horrible thing that happened this Thursday I fell back on my old bad behaviour like depression, agoraphobia, eating disorder, not wanting to go to school etc. and on top of that the pain of my whiplash came back. I finally got some work done again after doing nothing for a week because I had trouble with my assignments and the teachers didn't wanna help me for some reason. But now the problems are solved and I can go on with my schedule again. I made an essay about Macbeth and I still have to draw a short comic, because our schooling system is amazing like that XD

This Wednesday I have a day off but there's a huge fabric market. It's a bit of a pity it is planned this way since my school and the market are in the same town so I still have to go to the big city on my day off after all. But well now I can take my time and take nice walks from the station to the market place. After that I am planning to visit the bookshop again, which isn't very close to the market. So that will be a whole lot of walking but I start to enjoy taking alone walks more and more. Being alone in crowded places is somewhat terrifying for me because of my phobia. But I'm trying to get over it by just doing things I like alone and start that way. Lately everyone is starting to annoy me more and more so I'm also more comfortable by myself. I am totally loving tea and books these days. Can't wait to score some other great literary masterpieces ^^

My friend kind of ordered me I should do creative things to get over my depression and such. She advised writing and drawing but I'm pretty sure fashion design would be good too right? Calculating the measurements and such got my mind of the things for a while. I wouldn't necessarily say it made me feel a whole lot better or something but it was nice to do something else beside watching drama's. Soooo excited for wednesday ^^ I sew a pants which turned out really nice. And I'll try my best to make pictures of my other creations too asap.

Still didn't upload my outfit from Friday so here it is since I wore my Pj's all day ^^

I actually like the print although it's a bit weird and such :p


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