donderdag 7 maart 2013

Had An Amazing Day

Hey there~
I had two days off unexpectedly. My teacher got ill and there weren't any other teacher available today. Yesterday was really amazing. I woke up around nine and wanted to get out to  but fell asleep again XD. A while later I got up and took my time changing, brushing my hair etc. and got ready to leave. Either I arrived to soon at the busstop or the bus was late :p. So I sat there for such a long time.
At 12 I arrived at the fabric market, it was so busy. It was horrible, I'm a huge agoraphobic and was all alone. This place was so crowded I thought I couldn't make it out alive. But after a while it either got less crowded, or I got more accustomed to it. I spend such a lot of time there and there were a lot of fabrics. But only had a budget of €30. I got 5 different kinds of fabric and still got €5 left. I thought that was pretty good. I always end up regretting leaving a certain fabric which was pretty cool aarggh damn budget :c

After that I walked an awful end to the station and shopping mall. First I got some bread at the station to take a rest from all the walking. It's very funny since we have 2 branches of this convenience store in the city. But the one near the shops has much higher prices so I always go to the one at the station to save money ^^ On my way to the mall I made a lot of photo's. I brought some of my lomo camera's with me, which caused my bag to weight a lot more. I had fun shooting and the weather was very beautiful considering it is still winter. And it was hot too, I even had to put off my coat. I lost my sunglasses though, I was very stressed out at first. But well since I was in the shopping mall and need those very badly (since my eyes are so sensitive) I bought new ones and they are so amazing.
I still went to the bookstore and now almost all the literature was already bought by me last time, there weren't many interesting books left. Still managed to score one of Hardy though. And I still want the book of Bram Stoker but it was a bit more expensive.

When I came home I helped my twinsister with an art project for school. She made a necklace and had to make an ad for it. I had a great time with her and she is an amazing photographer. This was the photo she choose and I helped her a bit with her other homework after that.

I got a bit annoyed by all the people acting rude about my outfit though, or it was my imagination, but they didn't seem to appreciate me dressing differently. And I wasn't even dress that weird I mean... Come on, you all know about maxi-skirts, knitted cardigans or flower hair accessories right? But well I was too happy to care about it and from now on I will only wear whatever I like without worrying about the weird looks people will give me. I am feeling less self-conscious now I am feeling happier. I don't know where it came from but suddenly I feel all better and positive. 

It isn't that weird right? :c
Thought it looked pretty cute :p

My new sunglasses. The front has a floral print and the legs are striped.
This is sooo perfect.

The fabric~
Ooooh god love them sooo much ^^
Stay updated for the results.
I am really getting into sewing again.

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