woensdag 13 maart 2013

Having a Failday again

Nothing seems to be going right today :c
I am having a hard time at school again, worked my ass of yesterday and finally got stuff done. Finally made an essay for Dutch I pushed aside for a few weeks now. And today I spend most of the time reading and drawing a bit because I got bored and tired of the book I'm reading involuntary. Really don't wanna write another essay bout it, i'm so tired of those huge tasks and tests.

After school it was still early so I wanted to sew, but I lost all my supplies and it got really annoying. Finally I gave up without even finishing a single thing. Oh and I also manage to break the needle of the sewing machine while I was struggling with elastic. So much annoyance.

I'm currently not so fond of my dramas XD I rather watch Dr. Who and Project Runway now. All the drama's got a bit boring currently. Need to find some new ones. I recently finished Mirai Nikki. I found there was an anime too but I think Yuno's voice is so damn annoying and in the drama I really liked her. These voices really keep me from watching anime and I now know why I stopped watching 2 years ago. But it made me realise, if I was ever in this game (when you break the cellphone of another participant it's game over for you and you die) I would die in 5 minutes. I am not so careful with my phone.

I had trouble with my camera and clothes too, and can probably whine about everything that went wrong but I'm going downstairs to score some green tea and watch dr who while drinking it ^^

It was so cold today

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