zaterdag 9 maart 2013


Hey everyone~
I'm being bored again XD And lately my body condition is getting worse, I'm getting continously stomach aches when I try to eat things. Yesterday I had a really hard time surviving school. I had absolutely no concentration and was pretty bored since I couldn't do anything. I'm stuck with my tasks again since my teacher is sick and couldn't help me. So was also in a pretty bad mood. But the last hour was pretty fun, we have this huge paintings that are like a collaboration between various students. And the teacher who was taking care of us is an art teacher and gave us permission to go to the art classroom. He needed some help on these paintings and I really wanted to paint so I offered to do it. We don't have art lessons anymore, which is a pity since I really like our teachers and drawing/painting and such.

My cousin and nephew visited again. It was really fun, they always make me so happy. My cousin is so pretty and cute just look at her~ although I prefer her awake how weird that is ^^ She is one of the only kids that look better awake then asleep. She was very tired, and even got cranky a while before I took this picture. My nephew and her mostly get along pretty well, but when they fight it's just terrible and it annoyed me big time. 


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