woensdag 20 maart 2013

Weird Day

Today was a very weird day. There was a lot of trouble going on at school once again. My teacher received a weird mail which cause some kind of uproar. Also I had a talk with her and it seems like I have to drop one of my other subjects with the finals, since it isn't going so well. It's a shame, but maybe it's better this way, just a bit disappointed in myself and all. My teacher was gone for the second/last period and nobody had much concentration left so most of us talked a bit and afterwards we still played a game.

After school I had a lot of free time but was very lazy like always so I hanged around and didn't wanna do anything much. After a while I still made some kimbap for my friend who is turning 17 friday. She totally loves sushi and is vegetarian, like me. Yesterday she cooked some asian food for me too because of my stomach aches. And the grandmother of my mom is turning 100 tomorrow. That will actually mean she is antique XD We don't really plan on throwing a party or something because she can't remember most of the family and doesn't feel that great (obviously).


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