maandag 4 maart 2013

Happy But Not Really

Today was a weird day again. I was all happy once again, just because didn't really have a reason except for all my excitement for Wednesday. I was drawing that comic I still had to do for my essay about Macbeth. I finished it half, I'm soo slow when it comes to finding motivation for school and to actually do stuff. But then the teacher of my friend and my friend herself called me out of the classroom to mention she would be gone for a few weeks. This made me quite depressed since we were getting more close and it feels like she has been helping me the whole time and I couldn't even do anything for her yet. But hopefully I can visit her soon or something or see her at school again.

I installed my drawing tablet too after I lost the cable for a really long time. And I still have to order some train tickets online since I will make another trip through 2 cities. I am planning to go with my mother (although she annoys me to death) since she know the cities better and I don't wanna get lost and all. We are planning on visiting the new Primark first since it's nearby the station and then go to Amsterdam to shop at the market and visit another filial of the bookstore I love for it's secondhand books. It's great since every shop buys it's books from people who are done with them and so every shop has different books.
I also noticed the version from 'Don Quixote' I had was just rewritten. The original is over 1000 pages long. I have like 10% of that and almost finished it.

After school my niece and nephew visited and they were so cute again. My nephew was very curious while I was sewing and asked if my pants were already finished. I also took a walk with them and my dog. I also shot some pictures with my Lomo cameras and it was fun.

Today's outfit :p
I made the skirt myself, and below some other of my creations XD
The flamingo shirt isn't made by me, but the pants and other shirt is :p
The pants are a bit skinny and I rarely wear pants but they are really asum.


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