dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Few Days Hiatus XD

Well I has returned again....
My mood wasn't really good (huuuge understatement) and didn't really feel like making outfit pictures or writing and stuff. I found myself really addicted to tea. I have like 5 cups a day. It's also good for my stomach since I have a lot of trouble with digesting my food. And it's so nice and warm, I prefer green tea the most. Feeling so often dizzy because of my lack of food and energy and it's getting really annoying.

I don't have much intresting to say currently since a lot is going on (negative stuff) and if I feel the need to rage or post positive things you will hear from me again :p

also still some craft-photos

A bright pink zipper inspired by Project Runway's Seth Aron ^^

I love this skirt ^^
feels so princess-like

And lastly my outfit ^^
just wanted to wear something comfy.


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