zondag 24 maart 2013

Ups & Downs

Friday I got a bit of a breakdown again. Everything went wrong and all. And I get really annoyed at all these people that receive rewards and stuff for negative behavior (in my eyes). I have these classmates who are a bit annoying me. One is a very weird kid, and he never does his homework and stuff. And he always gets another last chance. And it's just so damn annoying, and his behavior  his remarks, just his facial expressions and stuff.... I just can't take it anymore aaarrrgh. I hate it all D: And then there is this other classmate, I thought we were friends, but apparently she doesn't consider me as one. But we both had some agreement with our teacher that we should come to school everyday otherwise there were huge consequences or something. And since I already got very much in trouble for my absence I just followed it, but seems like she can still skip school without getting punished. And we both wanted to take a break this friday and she was a week behind on her tasks and I worked very hard and stuff. But for some reason all the teachers hate me and I can never take a break and she always can do everything she wants apparently. And yes all this stuff pisses me off pretty much.

And my twinsister suddenly got a place on her own, and it is just soooo unfair since I've been waiting for like a year now and there still isn't progress. But I plan on visiting her soon. We planned a relaxed afternoon: first we wil make galaxy leggings (she will buy supplies and stuff), then make dinner (pancakes) and afterwards we will see 'The Host' in the cinema.

I tried to finish some sewing projects yesterday and today. I continued with a dress I've been having trouble with for a long time. And now I seem to have the right measurements and stuff.... but here's the catch: I accidently sewed on the wrong side, so it's mirrored now. And there's some kind of split in it, which is now on the right side and it looks a bit awkward. And I finished a very cute tulle skirt. It looks really awesome. I'm gonna wear it tomorrow and show you the ootd :p

And I still have 2 outfit photos I forgot to upload due to my bad mood :p

Wore some shoes I haven't worn such a long time ^^
They're oxfords with heels, if that makes sense XD
And my other Outfit was inspired by deers obviously.
But the print was a bit overexposed so 2 pics :p

And yesterday I discovered some new band/group. K-Pop fans hopefully know Lena Park and her song 'Mianhae/I'm sorry' (otherwise check that out immediately it's with Cha Seung Won XD) But it is some kind of remake of this mexican band. So I decided to check them out. AND HOLY FUCK THEY ARE AMAZING. I spammed their video on my sister fb too and she loved them. I have a thing for the lead singer actually (and his piercing ofc) Their voices are sooo damn beautiful. And I discoverd I can understand Spanish XD so weird now I know 9 languages. I also like 'De Mi' a lot that MV is soo gorgeous it just can't be real.


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