woensdag 27 juli 2016

Setting Goals And Actually Persuing Them

I have talked before about my new years resolutions very shortly here and I want to review those and some of my other unmentioned resolutions here.

  • Buy no/less "new" clothes
I can't actually remember supporting fast fashion chains exept from (what feels like a decade ago) a band tee from... *yuck* Primark and I think it was late 2015 or really early 2016? But then the guilt was just overwhelming and that really helped me to step up my game of only shopping ethically. I have just recently faced a huge struggle with my shoes (like even more than usually I am picky when it comes to them) because I really don't know what the stores policies are and the cheaper ones seem bad quality but I also don't want to promote brands like Nike which I know have bad work circumstances. I have also been way more conscious about if I really needed the clothes > I have an actual hole in my old shoes and that was a definite yes. Nowadays everything new in my closet is handmade by meee or thrifted.
  • Travel by myself
The actual plan was to visit one of my best (internet) friends in Ireland preferably in this summer vacation but she got a job with a busy schedule now so that is changed to a solo travel abroad. I will be booking with an organisation that even picks out a destination for you and also decides on where you will stay. You can choose what kind of accommodation/trip you want depending on your budget. I haven't booked yet but I'm going with the cheapest one where I stay in a hostel for 4 nights end August. I also have a small annual 'camping' trip coming up this weekend but we're staying in one of those camp buildings schools often use. It's an event centered around Korean culture organised by friends of me and we play a lot of games at the location and in the woods.
  • Make my own costume
My original plan for this was Rey from Star Wars because I am a major geek. However I have such a lot of trouble even finding materials that I most definitely won't even finish for comic con so I have to pause that for now. As a back-up plan I will now go with a simple outfit Clary Fray from the netflix-show Shadowhunters because my sister wanted to cosplay one of their characters too. I got a 5 euro second hand dress that I will alter and it is currently in pieces oops, but I will put it back together before the 28th of August and post my process here.
  • Challenge myself
I think my new goal in life is to do/see/learn as much as possible and just to try and step out of my comfort zone. As you all have probably seen I am doing two reading challenges this year. I have stopped the updates as I kind of switched a lot to online books too but I will make an overview soon I think. I'm also going to try this kind of happiness challenge I found on pinterest and treat it more like a bucketlist and try to cross something off daily and write about that particular thing.
  • Explore The Netherlands
Even though travelling abroad is really exciting with my travel pass I am able to go everywhere in the weekends and I feel like mostly I am not getting enough out of it. With my new Youtube channel I got back into making videos and I can use some new content. Soon I will make a list of places I still want to visit and cross it off one by one each weekend hopefully.

You can check out my general bucketlist here and don't be afraid to let me know what your goals are or if you have any suggestions.
Stay adventurous and determined you all <3

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