zondag 12 augustus 2012

Introducing Me~!!!

Hello everyone!!!

This is actually my second blogspot, i am also the writer behind japaneseandotherthings, my previous blog is still 'alive' but just a little bit deserted now. I just don't have much inspiration and was a little bit disappointed in myself when i figured out my last posts were just some picture dumps and stuff. I wanna blog with more substance even though that will never work out because my head is just full of randomness o.O

I want to make this mostly a Mori-Girl blog and other random stuff that is related (or sometimes unrelated) to Mori-Kei, but it will also just be a lot of my point of view for life and a lot of other things. I know this description might be vague and all but you'll see when I write more posts ^o^

This might sound cheesy and stuff but I really believe I've changed after discovering the whole Mori-thing. To start with the fact I became more secure of my own personality, characteristics, abilities and value.

To me, Mori Kei isn't just a clothing style but also a lifestyle.


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