maandag 13 augustus 2012

Watching meteor shower

My first post~!!!

I am currently writing this under a pitch black sky lit by a few stars. I've never seen shooting stars before but i just saw some :o. This has really been a wish ever since I became involved with k-drama's and such. I have seen meteor showers sooo often in Meteor Shower (of course >__<) ryusei no kizuna and such.
I didn't even expect the light to be so bright and clear but you can see it very obvious. It's only a pity you have to wait really long before the next one appears. I've seen one that was really bright and one that was in some further distance and wasn't very clear :s
It is a very cold night so I put a comfy chair outside and brought my blanket and laptop outside. But i can say: It is TOTALLY worth it~!!!

I think i just have been bitten by a musquito though, it is a chilly summer night after all. Mweh, it is so itchy.
Aaaaaand i saw another one <3  Some medicine for musquito bites is a great must on a night as this. I just quickly went upstairs to grab some and discovered the bitemark was already swollen to one inch or something :o And there is this vehicle (not even an airplane) that keeps crossing the sky above me with some lights that distract me from the stars >__< it is sooo annoying.

Up to this point i saw 6 already, and i still can't get over the beauty of it. They are all just little sparks crossing through the dark sky. I've always had a big obsession over the stars and the moon and frequently I watch them shining bright when I've had a bad day. When I look at the sky my mind seems to become more peaceful, especially with a beautiful full moon.

Haaa seven already~
Yes, i'll probably be blogging this entire shower XD I don't have much company now so i kept my laptop open. meanwhile i'm chatting somewhat with a friend but he's not here unfortunately. And my mom and sister are already sleeping and my twinsister is inside for some reasons >__<
For a second I got frightened by a sound but there is probably just some kind of animal chilling in our garden right now.

I actually sat around till 5.30 AM and then it became lighter so i just decided to go to bed.
I saw a total of 35 stars and I completely froze to death but it was definitely the best night of my life, I hope there will be one tonight again. Apparently it was the third night of meteor showers. I am tired as hell now so i should definitely go to bed early as I was planning yesterday >__<
And yes, I obviously made a few wishes but I am already very content with my life at this moment. I am at least very happy I could experience such a beautiful night.

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