dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Feeling Productive Today

I did a lot today. Early this morning I had a appointment with someone who always helps me with financial and other stuff (can't find a good word for it damn you english) I had a lot of trouble with paying my insurances, I definitely paid but there went something wrong so they couldn't see I paid. I was totally shocked when they told me I still needed to pay over 400 euro's. But tomorrow I hope to fix everything.

After the appointment I even ate lunch since a long time. Things aren't going very well so I eat very poorly and not even more than one meal a day in the worst cases. I had a lot of energy so I decided to visit the bank since I had to show them my ID-card because my account would be cancelled otherwise. And since I already had too much stress because of my other insurances I didn't want to let that happen too. However they weren't very quick changing my information since they were confused by the information of my twinsister. So I had to wait for half an hour. It was pretty far, so I had my daily exercise too.

I had to be home at 3 actually because my friend said she still came to pick some stuff up. I didn't make it but luckily she was later. I started cleaning my room, I put all the clothes back in the closet since they were all on the floor. After dinner I also had to help with washing the dishes and even did the laundry. I really did a lot today.

This is really a busy week for me, but most of it are just preparations for a K-Pop meeting a friend and me are organizing Thursday and Abunai, a Dutch anime convention saturday.

I'll keep you updated.


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