zaterdag 14 september 2013

Going Insane~

My life is really too much drama so I'm neglecting my readers, still love you all though.
Being too tired and can'even take care of my blog properly. Vacation is over now sadly enough and there has been going on too much. Sorry for my bad English to blame on my fatigue.

I went to a museum today since it was free. It was raining all day and even though I really love rain it was very hard to find motivation to go outside. My twinsister was chilling with her boyfriend and wanted to go a second time dragging her boyfriend along. There were a lot of paintings and drawings which weren't really my taste. But at the upper floor they had a photo exhibition and it was very breathtaking. I can't remember the photographer's name anymore but he made a album cover for lady Gaga. It was a Dutch photographer but I liked his photo's a lot.

After the museum we went for dinner, I didn't really wanna eat at home since our cook (yes we have our own cook) doesn't work in the weekends and the food is most of the time very bad. So we ate pizza and it was very delicious even though I hadn't much appetite. But the ice-cream we had was soo yummy.


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