maandag 23 september 2013

Jay.... Park

My week was very chaotic again. 
But I saw Jay FUCKING Park. 
Yes he was in the netherlands.

I already heard of some group that had plans to go to the airport and welcome him. I live on the other side of the country so at first I didn't wanna go. A train ticket would cost 40€ for me. But I figured I would regret it forever if I would let this slide. So I checked how much was in my bank account. Turned out I still had a whole lot of money so I just got on the train not caring about anything. I even shopped a little bit and got myself some new clothes.

I was practically the first to be at the airport from the group who suggested to meet there. But there was a little disappointment since the site suddenly said Jay would arrive at another time and we could better go home. When I lost more and more hope a few security guards showed up. At first I was a little bit stressed out since I wondered if they would send us away for being too loud. We waited like forever but finally he was there. All the fangirls went totally crazy. At first I tried to follow Jay Park but everything was so crazy I kind of lost him, but I stood like 30 cm beside him. But then his supporting act Victor came and I just ran to them. They were also very cool. Jay was a bit ill so he wasn't smiling very much (like: not) But I shook hands with someone from Victor (my bias ofc) and now I am a bit in love kekekeke~

The travel to home was a disaster. All the trains were suddenly cancelled and when I came halfway I just couldn't go any further. Luckily I traveled with my friend and she invited me over. We had a lot of fun, only a pity I still had to go to school today. But yeah good excuse for missing PE class right? Haha. 


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